UK and Ireland set to be named as co-hosts of Euro 2028

Ireland looks set to be named this week as co-host of the Euro 2028 tournament, with no rivals to the FAI’s joint bid with Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England according to breakingnews.

Ireland will have to qualify for the Euro 2028 championships, which it will co-host with the UK associations, but the path to a 32-team tournament should be simple.

According to the Irish Examiner, no alternative bids are expected by Uefa’s Wednesday deadline, and the Irish government’s support is expected to be formally rubberstamped within the next 24 hours.

There will be 51 games played under the current 24-team format for Euro 2024 in Germany, but the proposed enlargement will bring the total to 63. Croke Park’s 82,000 capacity will be joined on the ticket by Aviva Stadium’s 51,000 capacity.

The UK federations and FAI redirected their focus from the 2030 World Cup bid to a more feasible notion inside the continent, as disclosed last October.

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The tactical adjustment was formally confirmed during a joint press briefing on February 7th.

Jonathan Hill, the FAI’s chief executive, is credited with coining the slogan ‘Football’s Coming Home’ during England’s hosting of Euro ’96. He has been promoting the bid’s significant economic and social benefits.


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