The GirlChild Project; Inspiring The Next Generation Of Powerful Women

The GirlChild Project is an initiative by HerVoice, a subsidiary of Tribe Africa foundation (TAF). The project aims to support young girls in Yendi (capital of Yendi Municipal district) with sanitary kits and education on sexual, reproductive health and sexual abuse.

This intervention was very necessary as most girls in deprived areas struggle to afford sanitary kits and are mostly malinformed on their sexual reproductive health. According to a research by the borgenproject, they found out that, ” In Ghana, there is currently a 20% import tax on menstruation materials because the country considers them a “luxury” item. This creates a price increase that makes it difficult for families in low-income households to afford these items. An income report on rural Ghanaian cocoa farmers, for example, estimated a monthly income of GHS 1,464 equating to about $329 USD.”

With Yendi not even located in a Cocoa production area of Ghana, families struggle to make ends meet. These struggles bring repercussions mostly to young girls who are mostly abused sexually and offered into early marriages.

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Tribe Africa Foundation (TAF) have their goals aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). The GirlChild Project event took place on the 30th of July, 2021 at the Yendi Girls Junior High School. The project saw seasoned health professionals taking turns in educating the young girls about their sexual reproductive health, how to take utmost care of themselves, common challenges that accompany it, and possible ways to curb this challenges.

Practical demonstrations made the event more intuitive and informative. Some of the students also took turns in asking questions and also demonstrating how to fix sanitary kits / pads. Most outstanding young girls during the sensitization were motivated through awards to inspire them to keep up the good work.

Other activities that took place during the event includes;

  • a drama display
  • culture dance
  • poem recital
  • photoshoot sessions

The project was largely successful. The organizers extends their profound gratitude to all those who made it successful. You can read other news articles by clicking here.


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