Teacher training allowance hasn’t been paid in 4 months – TTAG

The Ghana Teacher Training Association has revealed that the government has not paid their allowances for months.

They claim there has been no notification about why the allowances have been delayed.

Jonathan Dunu, President of the TTAG, said they will contact the government to address the issue in an interview with TV3.

“We have four months of arrears of the allowances and that is not because the economy is in crisis. This is a new administration and we are yet to meet them. We met with the student loans and they said it will be paid, but for now, we were not given a specific date”, Mr. Dunu explained.

He assured that “we are hoping to start engagement from next week Monday”.

“Taken it off will create a different problem. Are you looking at the consequences you are putting on the students too? We are from poor homes so the allowances are what most students depend on”.

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Mr. Dunu noted that “some students have not seen their last semester results because they could not pay their exams fees”.

“So when you do that, you are pushing the students into a tight corner”.


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