REACTIONS: As T.B. Joshua Buried Amid Tears and Tributes

The late founder and leader of popular Nigeria Church Synagogue Church of all Nations was buried in Lagos yesterday after a week long burial service.

After the final funeral rites, a lot of Nigerians hopped on social media to leave their views on the funeral. Most were disappointed that major Nigeria pastors did not step a foot to bid a final farewell to their colleague with many insinuating the hatred and division among the Christian leaders and their followers in Nigeria. Below are some of their comments.

One twitter user with account name “Pooja…” tweeted, “Top Nigerian Pastors (you know them) avoided Late TB Joshua. No messages, no appearance at his week-long burial ceremony & all. Even in death, they still ignored him but they will preach about forgiveness & love on Sunday. Una mumu never do”

Another user with account name, “Morris Monye” tweeted, “Prophet TB Joshua‘s funeral perhaps is the single biggest influence on my perspective of life this year. Life is so fleeting, so ephemeral, so unimportant. Leave a legacy that outlives your immaterial existence.”

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DR. Penking, another twitter user added, “Just because TB Joshua refused to join CAN & PFN, Nigerian pastors refused to forgive him and shunned him even after death. But if someone steals my last 1K which is a threat to my life, Pastor will tell me “Forgive and Forget. Emulate Christ.” Daddy GO, Make it make sense.”.

Sally Suleiman ( added “TB Joshua would go see a Governor and give him a gift, TB Joshua would go abroad for ministration and won’t collect offerings or seeds, instead he would give. How won’t they hate him when he does opposite of what they do. Rest well God’s General.”

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Another twitter user by name Oba of Kogi ( also added, “If popular pastors had attended TB Joshua‘s burial, you would call it ‘fake love’ ‘eye service’ because they were not close when he was alive. You just hate these General Overseers?”

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