South Africa: Looting And Rioting Continue As Citizens React To Zuma Arrest

South Africa has turned to a state of chaos ever since ex-president Jacob Zuma has been arrested with some citizens seizing the opportunity of the unrest to break into malls and supermarkets to loot valuables belonging to hapless owners.

In a statement on Monday, 12th of July, President Cyril Ramaphosa stated, “We are faced, as we have been faced many times before, with a moment of great challenge and great promise.   Let us choose the path of peace and renewal.   Let us stand firm and emerge stronger. He continued his statement by saying, “Let me be clear: we will take action to protect every person in this country against the threat of violence, intimidation, theft and looting. We will not hesitate to arrest and prosecute those who perpetrate these actions and will ensure that they face the full might of our law.””

The President ended his address by calling for unity as they seek to defeat those who are acting to destabilise the country and destroy the gains they have made so far. The statement reads, “Together, we will defeat those who seek to destabilise our country, who seek to reverse the gains we have made. We will stand as one people, united against violence, unanimous in our commitment to peace and to the rule of law. This is what we must do.   I thank you.”

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Watch below video of some of the incidence (chaos, riots and looting) going on in South Africa now. Click here to watch directly on Youtube.

So far, over 40 people are believed to have been killed since the arrest of Jacob Zuma. The Police have been deployed to control the situation but have been out-numbered leading to the deployment of the millitary.

Read below some reactions to the development in South Africa.


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