Sex workers in Accra increase charges over current economic hardship

Traditional trade does not appear to be the only industry feeling the effects of Ghana’s economic downturn.

Commercial sex work, one of the oldest professions, is also feeling the effects of the current slump.

The current economic crisis has forced players on the streets of Accra to raise the price of their services.

The majority of them are from Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and Liberia, among other countries.

Many of them claim to have been charged between $50 and $300 for a brief session lasting between 15-20 minutes and as much as $300 for a full night until lately.

Despite their fearless approach to the game, they are often confronted with clients who make them reconsider their career decision.

“Some folks take a long time to cum. If you’re aware of yourself,

If you know you won’t be able to release early, you’ll have to pay her more. On the streets of Lapaz, a suburb of Accra, one of the employees told JoyNews, “You have to pay the girl generously to make her happy.”

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“Even though you performed a good job for him, he will say you did not do it well and would not pay you more than the agreed price because he did not cum.”

However, their problems are becoming worse, and the source is the most unlikely of places.
Fuel costs have surpassed the ten-dollar level, influencing commodity prices, while the dollar has reached a new high against the cedi.

Despite these circumstances, sex prostitutes in the capital told JoyNews that

In light of these circumstances, sex workers in the capital informed JoyNews that they are unable to satisfy their clients at the same rates that they originally charged.

According to a report filed by Latif Iddrisu, several of them have increased their fees by up to 100%.

Lapaz, Cantonments, Osu, and East Legon are some of the trade’s hotspots.

Vivian said that, despite the fact that sales were gradually declining, her income witnessed a brief increase in December last year when she “was taking 200 for short.”

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However, the new year brought with it an unpleasant issue that necessitated a corresponding upward adjustment in her rates.

Source: JoyNews


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