Ghanaians React To Reports Of President’s Wife Receiving Salary

Ghanaians on social media have been left disappointed ones again by their leaders as reports of President’s wife receiving monthly salary emerged. Many were openly against this latest development as they have been calling on the government to FixTheCountry as they believe a lot of things are going wrong.

They youth of the country since May 2021 have been on the tails of Government to make things right through the #FixTheCountry social media campaign to force the leaders to create a better and an enabling Ghana for them to live in as they develop to become the future leaders.

This latest development have not gone down well as news of a loan been granted to the Members of Parliament to purchase vehicles also came out. Read below how some social media users reacted to the issue.

From the above reactions, you could sense that the citizens are not happy with the latest actions from their leaders and hope there will be an emergent redress to this news. Read below further reactions.

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If there is any new update on this news, we will bring it to you.

In other news, President Akuffo Addo takes full cost of surgery for conjoined twins.


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