Python is Ghana’s most exported animal – research states

In the last three and a half decades, Ghana has exported more pythons than any other animal.

According to the data compiled by the CITES Trade Database, the country has exported 6.1 million live animals since 1975.

According to Outforia‘s research, almost two million pythons were traded from Ghana within the specified time period.

The figure places Ghana among the top ten countries in the world where wildlife trafficking is rife.

El Salvador, on the other hand, is the country with the most live animal exports, with 19.2 million.


In recent years, the Ghanaian Forestry Commission’s Wildlife Division has taken steps to safeguard the country’s wildlife.

Hunters will now be obliged to obtain licenses before hunting grass cutters, according to the Commission’s announcement in 2019.

Last year, four people were arrested in the northern portion of the country after a joint police and military operation led to the death of an elephant.

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Source: pulse


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