Persevere, Because Nothing Loses Everything

It is midnight and I’m still on my bed. I’ve been on the bed for the past two hours but my most favoured friend, Sleep, couldn’t locate me. Why? The thought of been below my preferred personal level hit me. What do I lose if all I have is nothing?

My life is a coagulation of sleep, carelessness, pride, arrogance, and self-seeking because I think I have failed too many times and have nothing so what do I lose then if I care less about anything? I have been disappointed many times by my friends, family and neighbours and never given the chance with a single appointed opportunity that I think I deserve to show the real worth of me, so now, be frank with me, what do I lose if I try nothing?

Whatever I touch melts away, whatever I hear whispers away, whatever I see fades away, whatever I care about gets carried away but all I resist visits me, all I hate halts in my life and all my nightmares are now realities. My life has become very predictable so much that in the next second one of these will happen; either I lose a property or the chance to be better or a relative. Since I know what happens in my life the next second, what do I lose if I fold my arms and do nothing?

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Again, what do I lose if I have nothing? You don’t only lose something but anything. The moment you stop trying, you start losing anything. Remember, if conditions are not favourable for a tree, it changes its leaves not its roots. When your life is full with regret and problems, you don’t kill yourself or your dreams, you change your methods. The difference between success and failure is the ‘next attempt’. To succeed, you have to make that attempt and to be failure, you don’t attempt it.

Life is not a playground. Life is an institution where only the hardworking and determined strives. It is not a bed of roses. It is like stairs, to move to the next level, you have to raise your leg. You feel pains when raising your legs but with endurance, you move to a higher level. As Michael Jordan once said, ‘I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career, lost almost 300 games, and missed the game winning shot 26 times. I’ve failed over and over again in my life. That is why I succeed’, failure and setbacks are certainties in life but they should have the final say.

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Nothing indeed loses anything. Things happen or change and friends leave but life shouldn’t stop for anyone as Stephen Chbosky rightly put it in ‘the perks of being a wallflower’. Let your setbacks be your set ups for your success. Turn your great mess into your greatness. When Neymar Jr. made this quote after Barcelona lost to PSG in Paris, ‘while there is a 1% chance, we will have 99% faith’, we all saw the aftermath. Everything is possible is the good old Book, The Bible, rightly tells us. Try again, again and again and the next attempt gives you your success. I leave you with this quote, ’something’s just take time, you can’t give birth in one month by getting nine women pregnant’.

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