LIVE REACTIONS: As NDC Carries “March For Justice Demonstration”

The National Democratic Congress, the largest opposition party in Ghana is carrying out a demonstration today in the capital to protest against the recent happenings in the country. The protest dubbed, “March For Justice Demonstration” according to the NDC is to march against state-sponsored thuggery by security forces, to assert the right to freely express opinions without getting attacked and killed and according to them, the more important reason is to get Ghana fixed.

We bring to you reactions on social media as the “March for Justice Demonstration” goes on.

Obed Sarbeng( tweeted, “Progress has been done to limit the spread of COVID-19, we have started to see portions of our local places begin to reopen. However, most people remain at risk for infection, we pray everyone who participates in the protests recognises that #JusticeShallPrevail #PeacefulDemo“. Chelsea Ba () added, “We live in a country that will make u believe poverty is part of the culture so if not lucky you will be scared to get rich herh !!!#PeacefulDemo#youcandobetter

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Kwaku Brown ( added, “The road to achieve sustainable change is always long for protesters but through dialogue mechanisms, we can institutionalize positive channels to voice grievances to those in power and increase the likelihood of success. #PeacefulDemo #JusticeShallPrevail, This protest can only bring about valuable change, when it is well-planned, focused, the demands are clear and overall PEACEFUL, This demonstration is a way to amplify the voices of the marginalized and the disenfranchised. #PeacefulDemo #JusticeShallPrevail“.

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Rahman Seidu( commented “We will always fight for our country but in a peaceful way. #PeacefulDemo #JusticeShallPrevail“. Sandi added (, “You and I make up Ghana, and Ghana is the only nation we have lets be wise even as we March today. #PeacefulDemo #JusticeShallPrevail“.

We will keep updating you with reactions as the demonstration goes on.


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