Man Ends Day Old Marriage After Discovering Wife Was Going Out With A Popular Prophet

Wonders will never end and the day weird news from marriage will stop may be the day all marriages will be dissolved. According to a report, a man has decided to end his marriage because he found out his wife that he married the previous day was having an affair with a popular prophet when they were dating.

Read the full narration below.

” A man identified as Wezzie Nyangu has with immediate effect ended his ‘one day’ marriage with his new wife Martha Pondani(a nurse by profession) after he discovered that she was going out with a named Prophet. As gathered by Soaznews, the new couple got married on the 2nd of October, 2021.

But trouble started during their honeymoon.Mr. Wezzie stated that, whilst his new wife was taking a shower, he decided to check through her phone and what he discovered almost made him collapse.

He discovered that his new wife has a secret love entanglement with Prophet Bentry of Revival Crusade…This didn’t go well with the new groom. When his wife finished bathing, she was surprised that her husband was sad and quiet.

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She was expecting that her hubby would welcome her with a kiss and some new ‘styles’ but alas the man changed colours within few minutes and was so upset! Mr Wezzie called his family and friends and informed them of the disaster he had discovered. That was the end of a new marriage within 24hours.”

Check the images below to view the wife’s chat with the Prophet.

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