Lydia Forson slams people body shaming her online

Actress Lydia Forson has called out the trolls who are body shaming her on the internet.

The outspoken actress has sent a strong message to the bullies she has met in her line of work.

According to her, nobody can ever make her feel she is ugly or not good enough, so the trolls should not bother.

She continued that some of these bullies are her own work colleagues.

“But I’ve told you people that you will NEVER be able to convince me that I’m not beautiful, NEVER”, she posted on Twitter.

The ’Side Chic Gang’ actress continued to say “I have 99 problems and d**k has never been one”; I do the choosing!”.

Consequently she is telling all her trolls that they can never get to her. See tweets below.

Lydia Forson is a celebrated actress who has starred in movies such as ’Side chic gang’ and is a body positivity advocate.


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