LGBTQ+ BILL: Npp’s Obiri Boahen Says LGBTQ Bill Will Succeed And It Has Nothing To Do With Politics

Nana Obiri Boahen, the Deputy General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has said, the Anti-LGBTQ Bill will surely succeed.

According to him, members of Parliament don’t joke when it comes to cultural and social norms, they give much respect to Ghanaians culture so they will make the Anti-LGBTQ bill is passed.

He said this on Okey FM Ade Akye Abia:

“I am saying that the bill succeed whether they opposed it or not. The bill will succeed. This is because of our step up. You can disagree with the punishment but to say the whole Anti-LGBTQ bill should be withdrawn you are lying, it will succeed. Parliament will pass it.”

The Anti-LGBTQ bill has been a controversial issue and a lot of Ghanaians have come out with their reactions towards it whether it should be criminalized or not.

Sam Nartey George and 7 other MPs have been the driving force behind this Anti-LGBTQ bill that it should criminalize.

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Some 18 groups of professionals and great lawyers have also tried to put a stop to the Bill so they have sent a memorandum to Parliament for the Bill to be evacuated.

According to the professional lawyers, the bill violates the fundamental human rights in the constitution and this has raised lots of discussion on different platforms.

Source: 35newsgh


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