Kim Kardashian accused of ‘using’ her daughter for fame

Billionaire entrepreneur and socialite, Kim Kardashian, has been accused of ‘using’ her daughter for fame.

In a video that has gone viral, Kim’s daughter, North, is seen holding a card saying “stop” to people photographing her.

Kim and North were seated at the front row of the 2022 Paris Fashion Show.

North seemingly felt uncomfortable with all the media attention on her.

Fans of Kim have accused her of using her daughter for media attention.

Watch the video below.

Kim’s daughter North holding “stop” sign

They queried why Kim did not go to the back row knowing that North was uncomfortable with the attention.

See some tweets below.

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Kim Kardashian came into the limelight after her infamous s*xtape with Ray James was “mysteriously” leaked before her debut TV appearance years ago.

She and rapper Kanye West divorced back in 2021.


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