Ejura Probe: Kaaka’s Family Decides Not To Participate In The Public Inquisition

As reported by myjoyonline.com, the family of the late social media activist, Kaaka have decided not to participate in the ongoing public inquisition dubbed the Ejura probe in a letter addressed to the Interior minister, The Chairperson of the Committee of Inquiry and the Chief of Ejura.

Part of the family statement reads, “We, the family of Ibrahim ‘Kaaka’ Mohammed, regret to formally notify you of our decision to not participate in the ongoing public inquisition, which is purportedly concerned with the “circumstances that led to the unfortunate occurrences of Tuesday, 29th June 2021””.

The family statement continues to read, “However, events over the past few days, have left less certain of the scope, focus, real intent and even utility of the ongoing inquiry. As such, we feel let down in our enthusiasm for what we assumed would provide a much-needed opportunity for truth, soul searching and institutional accountability for state-sanctioned violence.,

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Some other reasons the family gave in the letter compelling them to take that decision are,

**“That the terms of reference of the Committee are imprecise and confusing. As we have seen over the past few days, this lack of precision has regrettably caused the Committee’s work to be unfocused and digressive”,

**” the continuous encroachment of the Committee into questions which, as we understand, continue to be the object of a separate and concurrent criminal investigation. We are doubtful of the prudence in the Committee’s decision to extend its inquiry into questions which the Ghana Police Service has publicly claimed are part of its investigation into the brutal murder of our son, husband and father, Ibrahim ‘Kaaka’ Mohammed by assailants.” and

**“Our sadness that the Committee’s by its conduct has emboldened the ‘public lynching’ of our son Iddi Mohammed and given weight to a growing attempt to hastily cast Iddi as the murderer of Kaaka, even though this narrative directly contradicts the accounts of the two first responders, his mother and his wife; and even though the Police have arrested and continue to hold in custody two other suspects in connection with Kaaka’s killing.”.

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The family letter also disclosed that they obtained an independent private legal advice as to the work of the committee and have become apprehensive of the substantive and procedural regularity of the Committee’s work.

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