“It’s your face I’m talking bout” as Efia Odo replies Sista Afia

Ghana’s entertainment and celebrity space seems to like “vawulence” and a day hardly goes by without a “beef”. In this case, between Efia Odo and Sista Afia.

Sista Afia

As to what brought about the beef this time around, we have no idea. Sista Afia and Efia Odo are known adversaries and this doesn’t come as a surprise.

In a tweet, Sista Afia said, “The body shaming nu how long will you be saying this? Do you want season 5 @Efiaodo1? I’ve always wanted to discipline you despite my team constantly avoiding me but deep down you know you are definitely going to get punched. Just don’t think it’ll be on your watch but mine”

The quote above means, there may have been a comment from Efia Odo body-shaming Sista Afia which she didn’t take lightly but will she resolve to punches?

After her tweet, Efia Odor replied, “It’s your face I’m talking bout, not your body. Not my fault you look like that”. Do you think we are about seeing a hot beef between the two again?

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See the tweets below.

As usual we will keep you updated on this beef


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