IMANI Africa outlines some challenges of National Cathedral

Policy think thank, IMANI Africa has outlined what they describe as some challenges with the National Cathedral project.

The inter-denominational cathedral which is expected to have an auditorium capacity of 5,000 has been criticised by many.

Challenge One: Value Proposition. Is Ghanaian Christianity sufficiently distinctive to allow the creation of a visit-worthy site and Bible Museum?

Challenge Two: Communal Commitment

Why isn’t the Christian Community and the faithful taking responsibility for building the “cathedral” if indeed they are as supportive as the government claims they are?

Challenge Three: Flagrant Disregard for Law. According to IMANI, the government disregarded the law by sole-sourcing the project to Adjaye despite the clear conditions laid out for sole-sourcing.

Challenge Four: Inflated Architectural & Design Costs. It is noteworthy that Ghanaian public institutions will suddenly start awarding large contracts to Adjaye without any design competitions.


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