Image: List of People Shatta Wale has beefed pops online

Dancehall king Shatta Wale is known for his hard take on issues and his say on issues that most people shy from.

In a recent post, he called out Jackie Appiah. Many responded to that video by saying what he did was uncalled for whiles many said he was calling a spade a spade.

Just yesterday, a video of him kissing on of his millitants (a male) surfaced online which brought about several comments. One was from MP Sam George.

Shatta Wale didn’t take his comments lightly and gave strong response to it.

After this, a twitter user posted a list of people Shatta Wale has beefed and Sam George is the 31st. Surprised?

Below are the images:

Has someone been left out? What are your takes on this.

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