I met my sister-in-law wearing G-string in my room… Man narrates hell on earth experience

The effects the presence of in-laws in marital homes have on marriages is most times underrated. Many say it’s a blessing while few who experienced the other side hope no one entertains them more than a week in their marital homes.

In a post Hobnewsgh came across, a man narrated a very touching story and asked what he should do after what he went through.

He narrated, “I’m a married man living happily with my dear wife and our child. My wife’s sis who happens to be 21 years came for a visit and is almost two months now but she still with us. Lately the way my wife’s sister behaves around anytime the my wife is out baffles me. I mostly close from work before my wife.

There’s this faithful day I came home from work and to my shock ? I met her wearing G-string pant lying down in the sitting room watching TV. She didn’t even bother to rush to cover her self when she realise I’m the one coming. i kept wondering… ?

I kept quite and walk away from the scene waiting for her to cover up so I talk to her, It took me 5-10minutes to get back and she was still lying down not bothered. So I became furious and shouted at her to get the hell out of my sight in harsh way den she rushed to her room.

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I kept it to my self cox I thought she won’t repeat that. The following week one of the days I couldn’t go to work so I was at the sitting room watching football ⚽️ den I saw her coming close to me with her wearing transparent night wear with her beads, boobs showing OmG ? (infact she’s well endowed).

So I told her i will report her to her sis if she doesn’t stop. She responded she will be the one to tell her sis I’m after her if i do. Few days later she came to my room wen her sis left for work cox I was in the afternoon shift and will be going in the afternoon.

I thought she is coming to do cleaning so I decided excuse her, to my surprise this lady just stripped right in front of me.. that moment I lost my cool, I slapped her den push her out. This time I was left with no option than to report her to my wife.

So at dawn I wake my wife up and told her everything. To my surprise my wife became angry and told me her sis can never do that and started yelling at me saying I hate her sis. I went straight to the sis room and pack all her tins den sack her to go out of my house.

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My wife told me she is also going if I can sack her sis den she doesn’t no why she should stay, so she went with her sis to her mom’s house.

My mother inlaw called me moment they got there asking me what happened ? I told her I will be coming there..
I made time God being so good, I went to my mother’s inlaw house with my father to meet my mother in law, my wife and her sister. They welcomed us and asked of our mission .

I told them everything but my wife’s sister wanted to deny, I took bible for her to swear if she wasn’t the one seducing me in the house ? She rather told the mother I’m the one trying to sleep with her which trigger me to let her swear. I told her if she doesn’t tell the whole truth I will curse her and she will regret lying on me.

So my father plus her mother took her in secret to asked her that’s when she started telling the truth that she was the one trying to sleep with me of which I rejected so many times..
She asked me to forgive her and told the gathering to apologies on her behalf. My mother inlaw tried going on her knees but I stopped her.

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So my dad told her inlaw now I know the truth we will take our leave. My wife remain quiet ? without a word.
On our way my wife sent me a text asking me to forgive her which I have but decided not to be with her again.
if u will trust ur sister more than me then I don’t know why I have to stay with u ? “

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