I challenge myself to always do better – Black Sherif

For the past months, Black Sherif has gotten the world’s attention with his music. This achievement obviously comes with hard work and the pressure to always deliver is high.

However, the young man says he always challenges himself to do better hence the reason he is where he is now.

He was speaking in an interview with Daily Graphic shortly after his debut album (Villain I Never Was).

The ‘Kwaku The Traveller’ hitmaker said he was always learning and challenging himself to always do better.

“Getting to where I am is hard work and consistency. I am always learning from the great musicians to add to my knowledge”, he stated.

Touching on his latest album, Black Sherif said every song on the album was a true life story of himself.

“All the 14 songs on the album tell a story of the struggles, the happy moments and happenings in my life”, he continued.


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