Have you ever caught people making out? Read what others have to say!

In a facebook post, the user asked if any of them have ever caught people making out? The reaction to this question cracked several ribs and below we share some answers.

One user answered:

May be a Twitter screenshot of 1 person and text that says 'that_tall_male @flawed entity Replying to @pluggodd I remember when my mum caught me making out, she quickly closed the door and said from behind the door "Kenneth if Jesus comes now is this how you want him to meet you", ,omo the babe burst out laugh'

Another user added, “I went out with a frnd n her guy, we all had something to drink n got drunk, it was late n the guy cldnt drop me home so we agreed I will go sleep at their place n go home the next day, his place was a chamber n a hall so when we got there, I just slept in the couch n my frnd said I shld go to the bedroom, she will sleep there with me n the guy will sleep at the hall, I left to the bedroom to sleep, abt an hour later, this pple came into the bedroom n started avn sex, their noise actually woke me up but I just had to act like I was asleep, they did it for sometime n the guy was like, are u sure Abena is asleep?

Her eyes aren’t closed, my frnd was like yhh,she is, that’s how she sleeps, bcos her eyes are big, they don’t close fully when she sleeps, they kept doing it n later took it to the hall, i was like eiiii no wonder this my frnd is always angry with her guy at the least provocation, dude isn’t good in bed koraaaa, tweaaaaa ????????

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Another one too added, “

Mine was about 14yrs ago when I was only 8yrs old. I went to spend vacation holidays with my godfather in Kumasi who happens to be a pastor…I was enjoying my stay there cus that was actually my first time there and from nowhere, a lady who happens to be a singer in my godfather’s church came over one evening Saana they were lovers so she decided to sleep over.

Abi me de3 mey3 akolaa nti me nim hwee☺️ Usually I used to sleep with my godfather nti when it was time for me to sleep I went straight to the bed. Eei meda mpa nu su aa na I heard this plenty talking in my sleep so I sheda open my eyes small to see what was going on and lo and behold it was the lady singer, begging my godfather to have s*x with her.

My godfather to was shy cus he knows I’m mpenyinisem so he told the lady to wait cus I’ll be going back to Accra the next day so they can make time for themselves but I guess the lady was on heat so she still insisted. The lady came to carry me from the bed to the chair and mind you it was a single room so I saw everything.

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Omo they chop theirselves very well sha?and the lady too was moaning out loud ? I saw everything that night and I knew it was sex they were having cus I used to watch a lot of romantic movies at that age?

The next day I woke up early, took my bath and parked my things then ask my godfather to take me to the station cus I want to go back to Accra It was there they knew they fucked up big time??

Another user who hadn’t caught any one before added, “I no catch anybody yet but everywhere I move to, it’s my neighbours that disturb my sleep with loud groanings,moanings and the loud ta ta ta ta when they are making out….whether in the afternoon or night, even the music they intentionally turn on doesn’t drown all that sound from them…sometimes it’s their sex episodes that wake me up in the mornings. Is it my ears that are too sensitive or what “

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