Glorious Krew; Celebrating 10 years of God’s glory

To glorify the name of Jesus are several ways. Some decide to do it every Sunday, others everyday whilst most decide to do it at the least opportunity and nurture others to understand their calling. The latter is part of the reasons Glorious Krew was formed.

Glorious Krew as a non-denominational Christian ministry strives to produce upright men and women exuding excellent leadership abilities, utmost passion and will to serve and preach the word of God through their God given gifts that will positively transform the society. The group which is currently based in keta in the volta region of Ghana was founded in July 2012.

From a handful of members, God has blessed Glorious Krew to a membership of more than 50 from diverse working classes, tertiary institutions to second cycle institutions in the country.

An instrumentalist during an event

The group has 3 major wings under which it operates.

  • Evangelism: Responsible for preaching and teaching the word of God through Revival programs, seminars, and collaborations with other faith-based organizations to reach out to people from all walks of life
  • Social: They organize educational fora for teenagers, outdoor kids’ funfair dubbed kidafest, medical and education outreach among others.
  • Music: They encourage and train young people to acquire various skills to serve their churches, communities, and places of work. They also produce and promote gospel music to share God’s love with the world.
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In its 10th year, Glorious krew has set itself to embark on projects that will transform the group, it’s members and their beneficiaries. Among these goals is to setup a well-equipped music studio. This studio will be very critical in achieving the objectives of their music wing as described above.

Also, the group would like to acquire a land, erect an event center, and purchase a bus. These have become a necessity to reduce the stress of getting an event center fit for their programmes and reduce the expenditure on transporting members to and fro programs.

A lot of activities have been planned to celebrate the 10th anniversary. Check the line up below to see the planned activities, their dates, and locations.

  • Medical outreach at Tegbi and Kedzi –> 25th July 2022
  • Revival program at Global Evangelical Church Dzelukope-Keta –> 26th – 28th July 2022
  • Album recording –> 29th July 2022
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To achieve all these excellent life changing plans, Glorious Krew solicits for your support in kind or cash. The pictures below provide the details on how to get your support to them.

Follow Glorious Krew on all social media platforms with name Glorious Krew


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