Girl’s full cost of tertiary education added to marriage list; boyfriend laments.

A young man is in a serous dilemma and needs all the help we can offer after been told to pay for girlfriend’s full cost of tertiary education as part of marriage list.

In the story shared by the young man, he has been dating the lady for the past three years only to visit her parents for marriage list and to find out that she has to pay the cost of the lady’s tertiary education.

He narrated, “I dated her for almost 3 years now and we are set to get married but there are few challenges that we are going through at the moment.”

The young man believes he has to be in the lady’s parent’s good books in order to have a successful marriage but the list is really giving him sleepless nights.

He added, “One thing my dad told me to do as a man, is to get the blessings of the parents of a lady I want to make my wife. About 6 months ago, I went with my family to make my intentions known to the girl’s family concerning marriage. We were welcomed and everything went well.”

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He continued, “The difficulty I have now with the list is that, the total cost of the lady’s tertiary education has been listed as an item to be paid. This has generated a lot of controversy because its as though they are trying to sell the lady to us or use her, as an avenue to make money.”

The guy narrated that they have tried everything in their capacity to change the lady’s parent’s mind to reduce the amount or remove it entirely from the list to no fruition.

He concluded with with several questions. He quizzed, “We have done everything possible to let them change or reduce the amount but without success. Even though I love her so much, I cannot also afford the said amount. How do I solve this problem now?”

In your opinion what do you think the guy should do? leave your opinion in the comment session below.

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