SAD DAY: Ghanaians React To Makola Market Inferno

Traders in Makola market, a popular market located in Ghana were reduced to onlookers as they stood helpless and watched the inferno raze their market structures and goods. The more disappointing aspect of the reports received indicated that the fire service office was close but could not come to the rescue of the helpless traders.

When they decided to help, their vehicle had no water in it leaving many Ghanaians to lose hope in their abilities. Taking to social media, a lot of Ghanaians published their thoughts on the issue.

Another twitter user with account name Abolish Ex-Gratia (@Onemryeboah), tweeted, “Makola is burning and from the live feed I’m watching the Fire service look so helpless. Its sad, they don’t even have those lifts to climb up and quench the fire. when we say #FixTheCountry people think we are playing games. The problems in Ghana are ridiculous!”

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With yearly fire outbreaks, its time for the Government of Ghana to be up to task to put measures in place to curb the devastating loss victims suffer. One of such immediate task is to empower the Ghana national Fire Service so they can execute their duties with no excuse. Read the full report here


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