Created to be You

I begin with a quote from Andre Gide which says, “Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But since no one was listening, everything must be said again”. One fact mankind knows is his uniqueness and the most forgotten attribute of a man is his uniqueness! We remember our uniqueness when situations will work in our favour and forget in the vice versa situation. Since everything must be said again, I come your way with this short piece.

You were created to be you! Never settle, never stop, never imitate. God has a purpose for creating each of us. If the purpose for creating man was done with, God may have stopped creating man. The reason why our generation can’t show off any ‘great’ person as we came to hear of about the previous generations is that we have refused to be our unique selves. Previous generations can boast of Einstein, Galileo, Moses, Shakespeare, etc. but we can’t mention any name from our generation.

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The issue is that we tend to imitate those legends which sideline or bury our real selves. You can never be Shakespeare if you  eat like him, walk like him, write like him, talk like him, fight like him, etc. you can never be your father or mother even if you live and act like them. You will only be known as the one who tried to be Shakespeare or his father or mother. Even in that statement, Shakespeare or your mother or whoever you are imitating’s name will still be mentioned whilst yours will not because history has a way of protecting its own.

That notwithstanding, in your journey to be you, you have to learn from them but never lose yourself in that attempt because when you lose yourself, you lose your purpose and as such you just came to the earth to waste valuable resources.

Always be yourself, you are unique, never change who you are, just improve who you are. You were created to be you! Never settle, never stop, never imitate!


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