COVID-positive woman self-isolates in plane washroom for 5 hours to protect other passengers

Marisa Fotieo was on a transatlantic flight when she noticed a sore throat, which was confirmed by a quick COVID test.

Marisa Fotieo, a Michigan schoolteacher, was flying from Chicago to Reykjavik, Iceland, on December 20 when her throat began to hurt.

She used a quick COVID test she had on her person, and “there were two lines in what felt like two seconds.”

To safeguard the other 150 passengers and personnel on the Icelandair trip, Ms Fotieo chose to lock herself in one of the restrooms for the duration of the flight.


Shout out to @Icelandair for my VIP quarantine quarters.. luxuryliving imsolucky covid vaccinated fyp viralvideotiktok quarantine

♬ I’m So Lucky Lucky – Grandzz

She also documented her time in the cramped bathroom in a TikTok video that has been seen over three million times.

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