Court Fines JHS Student Who Assaulted Teacher

A teenage child who assaulted his teacher at a Nungua school was fined a thousand and eight hundred cedis by an Accra Juvenile Court (1,800).

The boy, who is in junior high school, organized a gang of thugs to assault the instructor earlier this year over a quarrel about his schoolwork.

If he does not pay the fee, he will be sentenced to three months in prison, according to the court.

According to the prosecution, the accused (name withheld) refused to do his homework and then dashed home to call 15 other young men who allegedly stormed the school in a Sprinter bus and attacked the teacher, inflicting facial wounds.

They violently abused him, leaving him with a facial wound. Moses Onyameasem, the instructor, was rescued by his coworkers and transported to the LEKMA Hospital, where his wounds were patched and he was later released.

As a result of the construction, the school, as well as some other schools in the region, have been forced to close until further notice.

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source: Pulse


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