Comments that prove all Chelsea fans are against the Lukaku interview and want him out

In an interview with sky italia, Romelu Lukaku, Chelsea’s record signing made a series of quotes that did not go well with the entire Chelsea family.

This includes the Chelsea board, Thomas Tuchel, his colleague players and the Chelsea fans.

He was later left out of the squad in their big match against Liverpool as Tuchel revealed the ‘noise’ was too close to the match and his presence will have affected the team’s preparation.

And for the first time in a while it can be said that Chelsea fans are united in supporting the Coach’s decision and wants more.

Some Chelsea fans were not supportive of the idea to bring him back to the club whilst others believe he has turned to a goal machine in Italy and could help convert most if not all the chances that were missed by their strikers/attackers last season.

After the interview went viral, the anger in the Chelsea fans were visible to all judging by some of the comments they made concerning the issue.

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Some went as far as changing his name from Lukaku to Lakaka whilst some believed the Chelsea team are better off without him.

The big question now is, is there a way back for Romelu Lukaku into the hearts of Chelsea fans? Read some of their comments below.

What do you think of the Lukaku interview? Read more here.


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