Bridge where only six years and above can cross and cars need an extra person to direct exposed in Ghana

When it comes to development in our local communities, Ghana is still lacking. This article shows one of the most dangerous bridges in Ghana where only six year olds and above are allowed to cross.

Even people with cars need to get an extra person to direct the movement of the car on the bridge to prevent the risk of falling into the river.

According to the Assembly man, the community had to put their resources together with the support of DANIDA, an NGO to be able to raise this current structure.

He also revealed that children below six are not allowed to cross to prevent any unfortunate incident hence these children do not go to school. Imagine your child missing school through no fault of theirs? Such a child will start school late and go to school under this stressful conditions and then expected to pass his/her exams admirably as those in the city.

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Bridges in Ghana
A car being directed by another person to pass the bridge

The Assembly man also revealed that the village is usually cut off if the river overflows and this means they are cut off from accessing any thing including health facilities, schools, markets, etc as long the river takes over the road.

bridge Ghana
Part of the bridge

Excerpt of the video.

Car directed to cross the river.

We hope the government’s attention gets to these people so they can get a well constructed bridge ease their burden.

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Read more here. Watch the full video here.


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