Touring Ghana: Best Places You Should Visit In The Western Region

Ghana possesses some of the best tourist sites in Africa and the world inclusive if that is not an exaggeration. From Wli waterfalls, to Mount Afadza to the canopy walk way in Kakum, to name just a few, Ghana’s diverse nature of tourist sites is a thing of beauty and deserves more recognition. Below, we take a look at some best places to visit in the Western region of Ghana.

  1. Busua Beach

It is positioned on several acres of natural sandy beaches overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Busua boasts of 62 luxurious rooms and suites in chalet style and restaurants with mouth-watering cuisine according to their website. The fishing village is beautiful because of its long sandy beach and taking advantage of that exotic beauty, a beach resort was established.

The famous beach resort Busua is in the Busua village. Although we are calling it a village, it has more than 5000 people living inside and is officially classified as a town. Busua Beach Resort has five categories of rooms: Suites, Ocean View Double, Ocean View Single, Beach Front Twin, and Budget accommodation with fan or AC. Our standard rooms and suites are air-conditioned with a private bath and television.

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The rooms costs from $187 to $55 depending on your choice. Busua beach resort is an excellent location for spending a hassle-free vacation. If you don’t want to spend time and effort planning your holiday, then you go to Ghana and enjoy your time in the famous Busua beach resort. Read more on their website here.

2. Nzulezu Village

Nzulezu, a village unique in all of Ghana is located at western region of Ghana, near the border to Cote d’Ivoire. Nzulezu is an Nzema word meaning ‘surface of water’. Which implies that all the inhabitants of the village live on water! This will be an amazing site to behold, don’t you think so?

The inhabitants of the village are said to have migrated from Walata, a city in the ancient Ghana Empire, the earliest of the Western Sudanese States. According to tradition, ancestors of the village were brought to their present place by a snail.

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3. Axim Beach Resort

The  Axim beach resort is a palm covered oasis, surrounded by beautiful beaches that has found the balance between the natural environment and the requirements of clientele using a traditional and close to nature design according to their website.

The hotel recognises the importance of sustainable tourism industry for Ghana and as such has adopted environmentally friendly practices such as solar hot water and the use of bore water for facilities and where possible using recycled materials. And of course, the traditionally designed buildings employ environmentally friendly construction practices. Read more on their website here.

4. Akatekyi Crocodile Pond

Akatekyi Crocodile Pond is located about west of Takoradi, the Western regional capital. The crocodiles are sacred and are part of the cultural embodiment of the people in the area. Visitors may bring a bottle of schnapps for libation. The public is admitted to the pond from Sunday to Saturday with the exception of Wednesdays which are sacred days according to

The crocodiles join the humans in a form of entertainment as they come out majestically at the chants and incantations of a local fetish priest. Sometimes, they find live fowls waiting for them as sacred gifts from the priests.

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5. Fort San Sebastian

Fort San Sebastian located in Shama in the Western Region is the third oldest fortification in Ghana. It was built by the Portuguese from 1520 to 1526 as a trading post in and captured by the  Dutch West India Company in 1642. The original purpose of the fort was to serve as a deterrent to English sailors interfering in Shama trade. 

The first black European university professor, Anton Wilhelm Amo, lies interred in the fort’s graveyard. The fort was ceded with the entire Dutch Gold Coast to Britain in 1872.

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