Android’s new Audio Switching Should Help Juggle Your Gadget Addiction

One of the best features that the AirPods have to offer is automatic audio switching.

In a nutshell, the audio device stays connected to your iPhone and Mac at the same time.

Google is finally introducing this feature to android phones.

The feature is rolling out for the Pixel Buds Pro starting today, but support is limited to Android phones and tablets only.

Google says a handful of Sony and JBL headphones will also offer the perk “in the coming weeks.”

Audio switching on Android works in a way that’s extremely similar to its Apple ecosystem counterpart.

Your earbuds and headphones will remain connected to a tablet and phone simultaneously, but only one device will be sending an audio stream at a time.

What about notifications and alerts? To keep things from getting chaotic, Google says it has created a ranking system for notifications to prioritize how the audio stream switches between two devices.

At the heart of this system is your Google account, just the way Apple’s version needs an Apple ID. You will need the same Google account logged in for audio switching to work on both devices.

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