Lecturer caught Pants Down On Camera Trying to Ch0p a Female Student -WATCH VIDEO

In exchange for grades, many male lecturers love interacting with female pupils. As a result, female pupils who are too sluggish to learn are more likely to fall into their trap. When we first heard about the expose on some university teachers who were swapping s.ex for grades years ago, we assumed that it would stop others from doing the same.

However, a university lecturer from a Ghanaian university was caught on camera after a female student set him up for always requesting sex from female students in exchange for good grades.

The student who has been identified as Judith, the lecturer intentionally failed her so he could get the chance to sleep with her as that is how he has been doing to other students.

So with the help of some people, she set the lecturer up lo and behold he fell for the trap.

In a video sighted, the lecturer could be seen begging the lady not to release the video to the public for fear of being disgraced.

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The female student in return also made the lecturer sign a cheque as evidence of the act.

More drama happened when the lady pounced on him and attempted to strip him naked so that the ‘cameramen’ could record everything just as he was about to sign the check for her.

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Watch video here


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