5 things that make a relationship work

A happy relationship is not built on silver platter. You need to put in the efforts if you wish to enjoy your relationship. Wants ideas how to? Here are the top 5 essentials for a healthy relationship.

1. Communication

Communication is one of the most crucial abilities in every relationship. Being able to express yourself honestly and consistently will help you to address any little irritations before they turn into bigger problems.

Things that make a relationship work

If it’s challenging to communicate your genuine feelings, more trust may need to be established. When we suppress our emotions, it may be because we’re worried about how the other person will react or because we’re terrified of being judged. It frequently indicates that we are still figuring out how to communicate successfully with one another, especially in new relationships.

However, when one partner in a relationship feels the need to shape the other’s beliefs or conduct, communication can become unhealthy.

2. Conflict

People frequently believe that conflict is fundamentally bad, yet if your relationship is devoid of any conflicts at all, there’s a significant possibility that someone is keeping something from you. It’s very much a given that you and your partner will have disagreements; what matters is how you handle them.

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Steps for a successful relationship

Don’t say anything you’ll regret saying afterwards or merely trade insults in an effort to keep things from spiraling out of control. And be ready to be understanding because a dispute can only be resolved when both parties are willing to let go of their drive to “win.”

3. Intimacy

Healthy romantic relationships allow space and mutual respect for intimacy and connection. Partners are able to establish healthy boundaries and talk openly about emotional and physical desires and what that looks like in their relationship. This includes talking about sex, such as what you want and don’t want and what feels good (or doesn’t). This requires attention and ongoing communication in healthy relationships.

If one or both partners feels embarrassed or unwilling to say how they feel because they’re worried their partner may not listen or care, it can make intimacy more stressful than enjoyable. If one partner’s needs and wants are ignored or if they are pushed into situations that are upsetting or unwanted, this is a sign of abusive behavior. 

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4. Commitment

In a long term relationship, commitment means being willing to work on difficulties together, planning for the future together and clarifying and protecting the boundaries you’ve agreed on. This takes persistence and hard work – but the rewards are more than worth it.

Things that make a relationship work

And in the short term, it can also mean committing from moment to moment. Even if you’re on a first date with someone, it’s important you’re able to give things your full attention and show interest instead of wondering what else you could be doing or letting your mind get clouded over with doubts.

5. Trust

It’s important to maintain relationships outside of our romantic relationships in order to have a strong support system. In healthy relationships, significant others trust one another.

Trust is about knowing that someone will do what they say. It also can mean that each person in the relationship feels free to spend time with other people in their life like friends and family. A relationship can become unhealthy when one person feels jealous every time their partner talks to or spends time with other people in their life.

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If one partner is accusing the other of flirting constantly or tells their partner not to talk to or interact with another person in their life, these may be signs of abusive behaviors and mistrust.

Read more on relationships here. Paraphrases and references from relate and colorado


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