4 Most Affordable Ghanaian Dishes to Buy Online in 2022

The country Ghana is synonymous with the word culture. Food, however, is one complicated topic and there are debates on which country has the best cuisine.

Here are 4 affordable foods you can purchase in these hard times.

  1. Red Red

This is popularly known as ‘’gob3’’ and is enjoyed by nearly everyone in Ghana. It consists of cooked beans, cassava flakes (gari), palm nut oil and is eaten with fried ripe plantain.

‘’Red Red’’ is found almost everywhere on the streets in Ghana and is a delicacy mainly associated with the Ewe tribe. It costs as low as Ghc 10.

2. Waakye


It consists of cooked rice and beans with special brownish leaves that give it colour. Waakye can be considered as 4 different meals in one.

In Ghana, many people eat it for breakfast. You can get a full pack of waakye for as low as 10gh online.

3. Kenkey and fish


This is the main staple of many households in Ghana. A favourite of the Ga tribe and a symbolic meal in Ghana’s history.

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This is arguably one of the most affordable meals you can find in every corner of our cities. 

You can get this delicious meal for as low as Ghs 10 online and get it delivered to you for lunch or supper. Some people even have it for breakfast.

4. Banku with Okro


Furthermore, another staple food is banku with Okro. It consists of a mixture of corn and cassava dough made into a paste and accompanied by okra soup. Averagely, one can order banku and okro soup for as low as Ghs 15 and get it delivered to them well packaged and ready for consumption.


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