23 year old man who impregnated a married woman shares experience

A 23-year-old man has taken to social media to seek help on how to handle an entanglement with a married woman.

He wrote this on the internet:

“I’m 23ys old and I got a married woman pregnant and she says she is going to keep it and pay me.

The amount is 30 thousand Cedis. I need the money so badly, but the problem is that she want me to meet her lawyer and sign that I willingly donated my sperm. We had sex i didn’t donate. She is now strict on me to sign before I take the money.

But I’m scared about the future. Her husband is in the country too. She said I can only discuss with a lawyer else the deal is off.

I don’t have money for a lawyer. She has been good to me.

She gives me about 2k to 3k monthly, not at once but pieces pieces and I’ve been saving. Now if she gives me this amount, I won’t get any amount from her again.

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I don’t even have a girlfriend. Taking the money means I agree to the deal.

But not taking it means I like her and want to give her peace of mind. If I don’t sign before the 12th week of pregnancy, she will abort it and I’ll lose the money too. It’s 7th week now.
Is it possible I sign and she wouldn’t give the money? So confused.”

What would you do if you were in this position?


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