Top 10 Weird Laws Around The World

Each and every institution or Country is governed by laws. Some of these laws may be strict or relaxed, others may be funny whiles some may just be so ridiculously weird. No matter how other Country or Institution’s law may be to you, you have to respect it when you find yourself there.

We have compiled 10 of the world’s most weird laws for you. Check them out below:

  1. It’s Illegal to Feed Pigeons in Venice

Venice is a city in northeastern Italy and the capital of the Veneto region. It is built on a group of 118 small islands. With thousands of pigeons flocking to Saint Mark’s Square in Venice, attracted by tourists willing to dish them food in exchange for Instagram-worthy images, Venice politicians made it illegal to feed the obnoxious birds in 2008.

The cleanup from the birds is claimed to cost each inhabitant €275 per year, thus the tables have now been turned. If you’re caught feeding the pigeons, you could face fines of up to €700.

2. It’s Illegal to Chew Gum in Singapore

When fools flout the rules, we all pay the price. In 1992, Singapore outlawed all gum ingredients after vandals used chewing gum to cause havoc with the MRT system, costing the Housing and Development Board $150,000 each year to remove gum liter.

3. It’s Illegal to Wear High Heels to the Acropolis

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Make sure you have the proper footwear while preparing for a vacation to Greece. In 2009, the country banned high heels on the Acropolis, thus stilettos are not permitted at the Parthenon.

4. Don’t Wear Your Winnie the Pooh T-Shirt in Poland

The stuffed-to-the-gills small bear also doesn’t wear pants. As a result, Winnie the Pooh was banned from playgrounds and schools in Poland, as the A.A. Milne character was deemed too risqué for the likes of naïve children.

5. Men Must Wear Speedos on French Beaches

The legislation was enacted so that men would not dare to walk around town in a Speedo, thus if he wears a Speedo in the pool, it will undoubtedly be cleaner than something he wore all day.

6. It Is Illegal to Wear a Suit of Armor in British Parliament

It’s against the law, according to an ancient legislation dating back to 1313. The legislation may be repealed by the British, but armor isn’t as trendy now as it was in the Middle Ages.

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7. No Selfies With Buddha in Sri Lanka

You are turning your back on Buddha when you snap a selfie with him. In Sri Lanka, this act of contempt is punishable by imprisonment. It is also considered impolite to point a finger at Buddha, and taking photographs with the statues is sometimes prohibited.

8. It’s Illegal to Wear a Mask in Public in Denmark

Not only masks, but anyone covering their face in any way in public settings is prohibited by the Danish government. Masks, helmets, scarves, caps, artificial beards, and even burkas are examples.

The contentious prohibition took effect in August of 2018. The restriction, according to officials, aids in correctly identifying persons during crowded events in the event that something terrible occurs and someone needs to be identified.

9. Registering as Married at a Hotel Makes It So in North Carolina

Let’s imagine a couple walks into a motel in North Carolina, asks to share a room, and claims to be married. That man and woman would be legally married under the state’s common law marriage laws.

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The couple is considered a common law marriage in North Carolina because they “outwardly display themselves as husband and wife to the public.”. What a simple way to get married!

10. It’s Illegal to Fly a Kite in Victoria, Australia

In Australia’s southeastern tip of Victoria, home to Melbourne, it is illegal to fly a kite in a public location if it annoys another person. In fact, you cannot even play a game in a public location if it irritates someone else.

Listed as part of Summary Offences Act of 1966, the Aussies certainly won’t object if you do decide to fly a kite when you visit.

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