10 things to know when planning your wedding

Not sure where to begin? You’ll discover everything you need to know about putting your big day together in this simple wedding planning guide. We present to you 10 things to know when planning your wedding.

1. Wedding Budget

Setting a budget is the first duty to accomplish once you’ve spent some time daydreaming about how you want your wedding ceremony and reception to look and feel. After all, you won’t be able to make any further judgments until you know how much money you have. One thing to keep in mind is that, because your wedding size and budget are linked, you’ll also need to consider your guest numbers.

“The budget and the guest list determine the rest of your planning, like where you’ll get married, what kind of food you’ll serve, whether you’ll have a band or DJ, among others,” Thornton explains.

At this point in the planning process, you must get down with your families and determine whether or not anyone will contribute financially, and if so, how much. This amount will influence every decision you make about how to arrange your wedding, as well as the purchases you buy, so be sure to set out time to talk about expectations.

10 things to know when planning your wedding - Hobnewsgh

While it may be difficult at first, having this budget discussion early on helps ensure that you and any financial donors are on the same page as far as your beliefs and goals are concerned, avoiding miscommunication and confusion.

2. Wedding Venue

This is at the top of our list for a reason; it is a critical consideration when organizing a wedding. Some of the things to consider are;

  • Estimated number of persons to be present
  • Cost of available venues
  • What other functions or facilities are available at the venue
  • How do you accommodate guests

All of this boils down to the bride and groom’s desires and preferences; our best suggestion is to meet down with the venue owner and discuss all of these issues. We recommend doing some preliminary research on the venue to see if it meets your primary requirements, but the best thing you can do is visit there, speak with the staff, and see if you fall in love.

10 things to know when planning your wedding - Hobnewsgh

3. Start Planning Early

The longer you leave anything, the worse it becomes, just like anything else in life. If your wedding is scheduled for 2021 or 2020, you may believe that you have plenty of time. However, have you heard the idiom “how long is a piece of string?” It’s never too early to start organizing a wedding.

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This is a good representation of the long list of things you and your partner need to get ready for the big day. As the list increases and time passes, there are a few things to keep in mind.

4. Baby wipes are your best friend

Before our ceremony, we took first Look shots outside, which meant that the bottom hem of my dress was dirty, despite the fact that I picked it up as I moved around.

My Maid of Honor got some baby wipes and went to town cleaning the hem of my dress when my bridal party and I arrived at our ceremony location. The baby wipes worked like magic, removing all of the dirt from my garment. No one could tell how filthy the aisle was 30 minutes before I walked down it.

When our caterers spilt barbeque sauce over a food station tablecloth, the baby wipes came in helpful. They flipped the tablecloth over instead of removing it.

There may be moments in that special day that will need cleaning up and wipes will come handy

10 things to know when planning your wedding - Hobnewsgh

5. Hair and makeup trials are a must

I am a firm believer in hiring a professional makeup artist and hairstylist for your wedding day. When else will you have the opportunity to have your makeup airbrushed by a professional? Spend a little more. It’s difficult enough without having to do your own makeup and hair.

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I also feel that every woman should have at least one cosmetics and hair trial. This is quite crucial. Take photos to demonstrate how you want your hair and cosmetics to appear. Have someone shoot photos of you from every angle when you arrive home from your trials.

Based on how I looked in images taken after my hair trial, I decided I didn’t want my hair pinned up to the side.

6. Plan B

The world works in mysterious ways, and just because it’s your special day doesn’t mean you’re immune to horrible things happening. We’re not suggesting that anything will go wrong on your big day, but there’s nothing wrong with anticipating the unexpected.

Prepare for inclement weather or a catering issue; having a plan in place will help to make the day less stressful.

7. Share the Responsibility

The wedding should not be arranged by a single individual; everyone of you will have specific desires. That is why it is critical to reach a conclusion as a group. Besides one person cannot do everything, there will be instances where he/she may forget a thing or two and needs a partner(s) to take care of those

Family is also an excellent place to start because they may have done something similar previously and will be able to assist with some of the wedding preparation responsibilities.

10 things to know when planning your wedding - Hobnewsgh

8. Walk slowly down the aisle

You are not running away from fire. Consider this: you only get one chance to go down the aisle (ideally). Once upon a time. Enjoy it. Instructed your father or guardian to follow your lead.

Do the same with the person or people who will be walking you down the aisle–don’t let them rush you. So, take it easy. Smile. Make eye contact with your groom. Sister, keep that bouquet low. This also applies to bridesmaids.

9. Prioritize Personalized Details

This is where you can really shine on your wedding day. What will make your guests think, “Wow, that was so them?” is paying attention to thoughtful, personal details.

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Perhaps you’d like to hand-letter your own wedding placard if you’re a self-proclaimed DIY expert. Make tacos and margaritas the centerpiece of your wedding menu if it was your first date. Consider naming your reception tables after your favorite movies if you’re a movie enthusiast.

If you want, you can even serve a signature cocktail named after your dogs. When it comes to personalizing your wedding day, the possibilities are unlimited. And if you want yours to be remembered, concentrate your efforts here.

10 things to know when planning your wedding - Hobnewsgh

10. Think About Your Honeymoon

While you’re focused on how to arrange a wedding, don’t forget about your honeymoon! After the wedding, you and your partner will want to relax and unwind, so consider what kind of honeymoon you’d like to take and when you’d like to go.

You are not required to board a plane immediately after your reception, but you may do so if you like. At the very least, consider a mini-honeymoon before embarking on a full-fledged honeymoon later. After all, who wouldn’t want to start married life in a hot pool with a frosty glass of champagne?

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We hope you find the information in this post useful as you begin the process of arranging your wedding. Obviously, this list might go on indefinitely, but we hope it has provided you with a good starting point for your preparations.

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